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What people are saying

"It is such a pleasure to work with Jen on any outdoor planting projects. Jen is so strong!!! At the same time she has a wonderfully delcate touch in the garden. Her suggestions always involve such graceful additions. She created a spiral from old bricks I didn't know what to do with! And made a beautiful trellis of branches and copper wire for the clematis out front. It's been up at least 5 years and holding up beautifully!" - Lucia

"It was so great to have someone who put so much care and thought into their work. Now I get to enjoy my beautiful outdoor space all year round!" - Sean

"Jen’s work speaks for itself. She is incredibly talented and her gardens are beautiful!" - Dan

"Worked with the G.O.T.H (Gardener on the Hill) team several times—excellent communication, transformative design. Highly recommended!" - Steven

"Not only is Jen a joy to work with, but her inspired designs and installations reflect her passion for nature. If you’re looking to transform your outdoor living space, look no further." - Henry

"Jen knows that gardens aren't just for warm days, so her designs think well beyond peak season for landscaping that's beautiful long after the blooms have faded. Additionally, she focuses on region-appropriate plants—an approach that's both more sustainable and low-maintenance. You'd be hard-pressed to find a more thoughtful (and personally lovely) designer to work with!" - Ivelisse

"Jen’s designs and implementation are both top notch. Great attention to detail and also careful consideration of how a garden should be harmonized with the space it’s in. She’s also a joy to work with!" - Memet

"I just want to thank Jennifer for my beautiful gardens.  My home is in a lovely neighborhood in Cambridge, and after purchasing it, we couldn't wait to have some gardening done.  We feel very fortunate to have found you, and have received many compliments from friends and people passing by.  I'm looking forward to the spring to see my plants and flowers bloom. They are going to look beautiful! Thank you again!" - Karen

"I want to thank you for designing and installing my new flower garden. Helping me pick plants and flowers that are low maintenance is a big plus for me.   I will definitely have the best garden in Somerville and can't wait to relax in the backyard to enjoy them." - William R.

"Jennifer has great design sense, is knowledgeable and takes a pragmatic approach to creating naturalistic landscapes that are easy to maintain." - Stuart

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