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Before and After


- a corner "tree house"

- a chalk/water board that coupled as a table

- beds with foundational plantings

- raised planting beds for growing wildflowers

- an outdoor living room for relaxing and entertaining (couch, table, outdoor poufs, and outdoor rug)

- a custom AC covering  

- potted plants

To meet the needs of a family with young children - while considering the constraints of this tiny space - we had to think about "stacking functionalities" in this garden design. We took the modern look of the house and combined it with natural elements to create an outdoor area enjoyable to both children and adults.  




Drawing and Design of Treehouse Inspiration


Tree house

We designed a 2-story tree house with natural wood posts to fit in the corner of this tiny garden. This triangular shape softened the corner, while still allowing for a walkway and an adjacent set of new raised pollinator beds.

Garden beds we added, expanded and rejuvenated with compost, top soil and leaf mulch and the flowering dogwood was replanted among new shade-loving perennials. 

Poor soil in garden in Cambridge, Massachusetts
Tree house and garden in an Urban Garden in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Further into the space, we wanted to create an area that served multiple functions. To the left, we built and reinforced a water/chalk board that doubled as a table. A red shelf for supplies was added for a splash of color and storage.

To the right are the raised flower beds. This was the only full-sun area in the yard, so we were sure to take advantage of it by planting herbs and pollinator plants. 

Towards the back, we added another garden bed to the left and a "living room" fit with a cozy seating area and a long, rounded mirror mounted to the fence adding space and dimension. 

View 1

Before photo of Urban Garden In Cambridge, Massachusetts
After photo of Urban Garden in Cambridge, Massachusetts

View 2

This image is from the outdoor living room looking out towards the treehouse. We designed and built an attractive AC cover and added potted plants, such as blueberries and palms, to fill out the space. 

Before photo of Urban Garden In Cambridge, Massachusetts
After photo of Urban Garden in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Design Details

Furniture and fence color/design

Design Elements

Table to chalk/water board.

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