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Jennifer ODonnell



Since I was a child, I have been been fascinated by Nature: The beauty, abundance, mystery & most importantly the natural processes that govern it.



With over 15 years experience, I've had my hands in various soils and have designed an array of gardens, starting with sprawling plots in the beautiful white mountains of New Hampshire to the tiniest of rooftops in the North End; From the wet and effusive flora in Seattle to a formal English rose gardens here in Cambridge. To me, every design is created to serve as an oasis for the human heart, and no matter the location, my mission is to provide a space for relaxation, inspiration & a connection to the natural world.

As a certified Permaculture Designer I have been curating ORGANIC & SUSTAINABLE gardens in the Boston area- providing life & beauty to the urban landscape. These Permaculture methods are tools that ensure lasting harmony & health between people, pollinators and our natural environment.

And you? Maybe you're a person who wants to create a lush & blossoming outdoor space to enjoy with friends and family. Or perhaps you want to breathe in the sweet smells and sounds that eminate from a thriving & healthy garden. Or maybe! You just want to be welcomed home by the beauty bursting from your plot of land, proud that by doing so you are contributing to the health of our Natural World.

In any case, I look forward to meeting you!

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All Best,


Thinking about a project? Let's talk!


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